Uploader Metadata ConfigurationΒΆ

The uploader configuration begins with an array of metadata objects. The attributes of each object and how an uploader should manipulate them are documented below. Much of the attributes define how a query should be given to the policy server and how the user should be presented with the results so they can make a choice.

Example Metadata Configuration Snippet:

  "destinationTable": "Transactions.submitter",
  "displayFormat": "{_id} - {first_name} {last_name}",
  "displayTitle": "Currently Logged On",
  "displayType": "logged_on",
  "metaID": "logon",
  "queryDependency": {},
  "queryFields": [
  "sourceTable": "users",
  "value": "",
  "valueField": "_id"
  • Destination Table - destinationTable

The destination table and column for the value to be put into. The value is a string of the format TABLE.COLUMN.

  • Display Format - displayFormat

The formatted string to show the user an entry for data from the sourceTable. This is uploader independent and uses string formatting specific to Python (in this implementation) for rendering the string.

  • Display Title - displayTitle

The title for the resulting data returned from the query.

  • Display Type - displayType

This is for the uploader to choose the values for. This may represent a select drop down list, a radio button options or whatever the uploader would like to present to the user.

  • Metadata ID - metaID

This is the unique ID for the metadata in the system. This should be a unique string for all metadata objects for the entire configuration.

  • Query Dependencies - queryDependency

This is a hash containing the dependencies for the query and where to find the values in the current metadata configuration. The hash is a column to metaID mapping. These dependencies are passed as where arguments to the policy query.

  • Query Fields - queryFields

This is a list of columns from the source field to pull in as part of the query. These will be given to the displayFormat string to render the entry for users to pick.

  • Source Table - sourceTable

The source table from which the query will be requesting data from.

  • Result Value - value

The value of the valueField column from the sourceTable to be put into the destinationTable for the upload.

  • Value Field - valueField

The value field to be put into the table and column defined by destinationTable.